Sales Leadership Seminar


Experience the life of a P&G Sales Account manager & interview for a Summer internship at the end of the seminar.

WHAT is the Sales Leadership Seminar?

The Sales Leadership Seminar provides a 2 day, all expenses paid, in depth look at P&G Sales. This highly selective program was created for top-tiered undergraduate students in their sophomore year of study. This program is specifically designed to attract diverse students as well as other students meeting eligibility criteria requirements.

During the Seminar, you will experience the strategic role of P&G Sales and have the opportunity to interview for an internship with us next summer. In Sales at P&G, we connect with customers to develop and lead joint value for both their company and P&G. Sales creates and leads the delivery of P&G’s in-market strategies, positioning our Company, our Customers, and Shoppers to win. As part of one of the world’s best sales management programs, our Sales team derives insights from data to create winning selling propositions. During the Seminar, you will also have the opportunity to meet and network with our Senior Executives, recent Sales new hires and other top students from across the country.

WHO are we looking for?

We are looking for top undergraduate students (BS, and BA) currently in their sophomore year. P&G Sales seeks a broad range of majors including Sales & Marketing Operations, Business Administration, Management & Operations, Retail Management or Marketing are preferred, but not required.

WHEN is it?

The P&G Sales Leadership Seminar will be held July 26th & 27th, 2018 in Cincinnati, Ohio, P&G World Headquarters.

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